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Information for stall holders/exhibitors

If you'd like to have a stall at our Fayre, please do get in contact with our Trade Stand Coordinator, Sandy Parrish, at

​Site Information and Safety Rules

A pdf of the Site Information and Safety Rules can be downloaded here

Site Information and Safety Rules

  1. Stallholders, exhibitors and traders must enter, with their equipment, via Entrance A or B (on the map) at Deep Lane. There are two entrances, A is nearest the A362 and should be used in the first instance. Vehicles approaching the showground from the direction of Chapmanslade should use Entrance B as the turn into Entrance A will be impossible to negotiate due to the tight turn off the road into the field. Those just helping on the stall, or arriving later, should park in the public car park.


  2. On arrival, make your way to the Control Point where the Trade Stand Coordinator (Sandy Parrish) will advise you where your pitch is located. Please ensure you only use the area allocated to you. If you have any problems please contact the Trade Stand Coordinator, who will be happy to assist.


  3. The speed limit on site is 5 mph. Hazard lights must be used when moving vehicles.


  4. You should plan to arrive early enough to set up your stall; the Trade Gate will be open to stallholders from 8 am. All vehicles are to be in place by 11 am at the very latest. The trade stands are set in a square (see map), so stallholder’s vehicles can be parked behind their pitch. No attempt to remove stalls should be made until after the event has closed at approx 4 pm.


  5. Please be aware that the public are usually admitted to the site from 7 am to set up their Horticulture and Crafts exhibits.


  6. Vehicles are not permitted to move around the showground during the event. Stallholders must wait until the event has closed before moving vehicles back onto the showground to collect stalls and equipment. In an emergency, unavoidably late arrival, etc., vehicles MUST be accompanied by a Steward when moving around the showground. If the event finishes early, for any reason, an announcement will be made (over the tannoy) when it is judged safe for stallholders to move their vehicles. Failure to comply may result in future applications for attendance being refused.


  7. If you need tables or chairs you will have to supply them. You are welcome to bring and erect covers/gazebos over your stall area to protect you from the weather. Remember to make the tie-ropes/guy ropes obvious to the walking public.


  8. In accordance with the regulations, there will be a number of stewards wearing hi-viz hackets. Should there be any incident of any nature on the day, the instructions of the stewards must be followed at all times.


  9. Any throwing games (coconut shy, crockery smashing, etc) you are asked to ensure there is adequate and appropriate netting around the stall to protect the public from even the worst aimed shot! If in doubt, seek advice from David Hood (Health and Safety).


  10. A Risk Assessment and confirmation of appropriate/adequate insurance will be requested prior to the event (usually at the time of booking confirmation). Failure to supply these documents to the Trade Stand Coordinator will result in attendance on the day being declined.


  11. Purveyors of food must provide copies of food hygiene certificates at the time of booking confirmation.

  12. The Health and Safety Officer and stewards, on behalf of the organising committee, are empowered to refuse entry to persons not complying with these rules.

Provisional site plan showing access to the showground

Corsley Fayre map 2023 - trade entrances.jpg
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